Wholesale Church Supplies | WooCommerce to Shopify Migration

Wholesale Church Supplies | WooCommerce to Shopify Migration

The Project Requirements

🛒 Orders Migrated

💳 Customers Migrated

📦 Products Migrated

Migrated From


Wholesale Church Supplies operated on an outdated WooCommerce site strained by capability gaps:

🐌 Basic template limited branding and product presentation

💸 Internal team lacked skills to independently manage site

🕰️ Aging plugins and updates caused technical issues

😭 Ongoing hosting and maintenance costs

Additional Requirements

As well as the primary data migration, we also had to implement the following as part of the move to Shopify:

🖤 Modernise site design and theme flexibility

💲 Empower internal editing without developer dependency

🌍 Reduce overhead costs

The Results

Since launching their Shopify store, Wholesale Church Supplies has streamlined operations and boosted internal capabilities:

👍 Decreased costs by eliminating hosting/maintenance fees

🧠 Intuitive Dawn theme improved product showcase

🧮 Custom wholesale portal housed discounted B2B prices

🚀 Apps enable autonomous management and updates

Additionally, thanks to Shopify’s ease-of-use, the internal team can now nimbly edit and enrich the store themselves to drive results.

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