Ditch The Headaches

Fastest Migration to Shopify - Guaranteed.

Start benefiting from Shopify's intuitive, cost-effective, headache-free platform.

Say goodbye to your struggles.

We can migrate you from...

  • 💰36% Increase In Conversion Rates

    Which is why so many of the world's biggest brands use Shopify.

  • 🧠 Easy To Use

    A straightforward & fast admin interface, makes managing your content and everyday tasks, a breeze.

  • 🔐 Fully Managed Platform & 24/7 Support

    Which is why so many small & medium brands love Shopify.

  • 🤝Transparent & All Inclusive Pricing

    Which makes it a good deal for everyone. Say goodbye to the increasing costs of hosting your website.

  • But we like it because it makes it easier for brands to grow their sales on it, than any other platform.

We seamlessly move your online store (and all it's data) to Shopify.

We specialise in migrating ecommerce brands from over 80 platforms, including WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento and Wix to Shopify. Our expert team handles the entire transition so you can focus on growing and running your business.

  • ⚡ Expertly Designed Store

    With over a decade in ecommerce, we'll supercharge your Shopify store with killer UX and sharp conversion tactics. Our team lives and breathes online store growth, every single day!

  • ✅ Fastest Migration Guaranteed

    We'll handle the entire migration process, moving your products, customers, and orders to Shopify quickly and efficiently. Our team will match or beat any quoted timeline, getting your new Shopify store up and running in no time.

  • 🔐 Fully Managed Transition

    Our expert team will manage the entire migration process from start to finish. Allowing you to focus on running your business whilst we handle everything else.

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Say goodbye to your ecommerce woes holding you back.

Increase Sales With A New Shopify Store.

Our skilled Shopify team will move all your data —products, content, customers, orders—straight into a shiny new Shopify store. We use proven strategies to deliver an optimised and pleasant customer journey. Setting your brand up for future growth without any of the headaches.

Move To Shopify In 5 Simple Steps

  • Step 1

    ✅ Preflight Checks

    We'll make sure your store is migration ready and you understand the process. Any issues or obstacles are handled here.

  • Step 2

    🛠 Store Setup

    We get to work configuring and customising your new Shopify store's design, features and settings.

  • Step 3

    🔁 Data Migration

    We securely transfer your products, customers, orders and content over to your new Shopify store.

  • Step 4

    ⚙️ Testing & Feedback

    We thoroughly test your new store and we make any final changes based on your feedback.

  • Step 5

    🎉 Launch

    We switch over your domain & start sending traffic to your new Shopify store. The future starts looking brigher :)

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Why ReCart.me?

With so many different options to get your store on Shopify, it helps to understand the differences.


Data Migration Tools & Services

All Data Migrated From Your Existing Platform
Creation Of Shopify Store
Configuration Of Shopify Settings
Front End Styling & Content Formatting
Setting Your Shopify Site Live (DNS)
Technical Involvement From You None High
Speed Fast
(live in as little as 20 days)
(still leaves most of the work of creating your store on you)

Best of both.

We're not a faceless piece of software. We're a team of real humans based in Kent, England. 🇬🇧

Before ReCart.me we ran an agency for over 12 years, working with hundreds of small & medium brands during that time. 🤓

👉 ReCart.me is a unique blend of our personal experience, best in class software and our own magic sauce. Resulting in a faster, cheaper and more efficient migration to Shopify for your brand. ❤️


What makes your Shopify migration service stand out from others?

We specialise in delivering a swift, cost-effective, and fully managed migration service. Do-it-yourself solutions only do 1 part of the job, leaving you to figure out the rest. Unlike freelancers and agencies, our sole focus is on transitioning ecommerce brands to Shopify, ensuring a seamless switch with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

How long does the migration process usually take?

Our streamlined process generally completes migrations within 30 working days, depending on your ecommerce store’s complexity and size. We work diligently to ensure a quick transition, allowing you to start reaping the benefits of Shopify as promptly as possible. We will give you an updated estimate once we've assessed your current store. Our team will match or beat any quoted timeline, getting your new Shopify store up and running in no time.

Will there be any downtime for my shop during the migration?

We understand the importance of business continuity for your venture. Our process is meticulously designed to minimise, if not entirely eliminate, downtime. Migrations are performed during a pre-agreed time window.

Can you migrate all my existing data, including product details and customer information?

Yes, our service includes the full migration of your store's data. This encompasses product details, customer information, order history, and other vital data, ensuring your new Shopify store is a mirror image of your previous one, but with enhanced functionality and user experience.

Is my brand too small or large for your service?

We cater to a wide range of business sizes, primarily focusing on small and medium ecommerce brands. We've migrated stores generating under £/$100k per year, all the way to stores generating over £/$1m per year to Shopify Plus.