Adios Plastic | WooCommerce to Shopify Migration

Adios Plastic | WooCommerce to Shopify Migration

The Project

🛒 Customers, Orders and Products Migrated

💳 Subscribers Migrated to Recharge

Migrated From


Adios Plastic struggled to grow their highly customised, complex WooCommerce site modified year after year. As a result, they suffered with:

🐌 Slow load times

💸 Increasing hosting costs to handle growing traffic

🕰️ Down time

😭 Challenge managing theme and plugin updates

📈 High subscription churn due to limited account management functionality

Additional Requirements

As well as the primary data migration, we also had to implement the following as part of the move to Shopify:

🖤 Subscription management tools

💲 Multi Currency

🌍 Advanced international shipping rules

The Results

Since launching their Shopify store, Adios Plastic has streamlined operations and boosted business growth:

👍 99.99% uptime thanks to Shopify, with 0 minutes spent on worrying about updates or hosting

🧠 Easy to manage subscriptions and content in-house

🧮 Improved analytics for more informed decisions

📉 Lower churn rates

📈 £10 less NCPA 

Additionally, the Adios Plastic team can now nimbly create landing pages to better capitalise on opportunities.

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