5 Exciting New Features Coming to Shopify in 2024

5 Exciting New Features Coming to Shopify in 2024

Shopify is always looking to improve their ecommerce platform. That's why it has seen such rapid growth over the past five years. They are not afraid to release features early to get merchants' feedback before investing in improving functionality on their platform. This ambition and determination is why Shopify can guarantee ecommerce brands a total solution to help run their business. Quickly adapting to the evolving ecommerce world, Shopify tends to beat their competitors in releasing new reliable features. With that in mind, in line with predicted ecommerce trends, here are 5 exciting areas we expect to see Shopify release features for in 2024:

Advanced AI recommendations

One area where Shopify actually lags behind is leveraging advanced AI and machine learning for smarter recommendations. We have seen apps like Rebuy's SmartCart and product recommendation tools make a massive difference to the growth of ecommerce brands over the past twelve months. In 2024, we expect Shopify to roll out deep learning algorithms that provide ultra-personalised recommendations based on each customer's unique preferences and behaviour. This will increase average order value as customers discover new products tailored specifically to them, which will overall impact profits and further the growth of brands using Shopify.

Expanded global fulfilment network

Shopify's native fulfilment powers have historically been weak compared to competitors. Most merchants rely on courier apps and third party fulfilment options like Shipstation and Veeqo. In 2024, Shopify will likely address this by strengthening their partnerships with a global network of fulfilment centers to offer merchants cheaper, faster shipping worldwide. This will delight international customers with speedy, affordable delivery. We have seen first-hand that a straightforward and positive experience when ordering and receiving their item sees customers shop again more often, improving their lifetime value. Plus for smaller merchants, this'll help those looking to expand their business without needing warehouse space, or having a spare bedroom full of parcels to run down to the post office.

Adaptive checkout

Shopify have been clear in their plans to make the checkout more dynamic, adapting in real-time based on customer behaviour. Despite developers and merchants not being able to currently amend the checkout unless on Shopify Plus, it may start to become more accessible as Shopify releases their updates. The checkout could start offering features like payment plans at optimal times or cross-sell complementary products customers are likely to buy, mixing in AI recommendations mentioned above. This data-driven checkout will look to convert more customers and maximise revenue. There's no doubt, this will further cement Shopify's checkout as the best and most trusted online.

AR/VR virtual try-on

Slightly left field... But as tech giants look to improve virtual reality products, Shopify could look to give customers an immersive way to virtually try on products at home. They have been trying to find ways to expand their platform to better suit brick-and-mortar retail. This new feature could hugely benefit retail brands in combating returns from poor fit and creates an engaging, interactive shopping experience across categories like fashion, jewellery, glasses, and more. In retail, returns are a big issue with brands looking to start charging for returned items. If AR/VR can help reduce returns rates, it can both improve customer satisfaction and profits.

Built-in live video shopping

Live video shopping is a fast-rising trend, but Shopify has yet to offer it natively. Some brands have a way for customers to contact them to book a video call to virtually shop their brick-and-mortar store, but with better tech, this could be something Shopify quickly improves. Integration of live streaming into the platform will make it easy for merchants to host interactive video shopping events that drive sales.

Although the above list is more a group of nice to haves thanks to researching eCommerce trends for 2024 and Shopify's information they've released on their direction for the next twelve months. We're excited to see if any of these innovations launch on Shopify in 2024, truly levelling up merchants' success!

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