More than just migration

Level Up Your Shopify Game

If you're a brand looking to maximise your potential on Shopify, we offer numerous add-on services beyond migration. Whether you need subscriptions functionality, enhanced marketing tools, or custom development, we can fulfill your specific project requirements. With expertise across multiple Shopify-related projects, our team can consult and deliver solutions tailored to your brand's goals and growth strategy. Discuss any special requests during onboarding and we'll craft an expanded package catered to your needs.

Don't Forget Trade Customers

Wholesale/Trade Area

Integrate with our partners at WholesaleGorilla to enable your Shopify store to conveniently host trade customers with this seamless app integration. We'll also customise related Wholesale Gorilla pages on your store for an optimised experience. Key features include: bulk pricing rules, minimum order quantities, custom catalogues and more.

Seamless Subscriber Transition

Subscriber Migration & Management

Migrate subscribers seamlessly whilst upgrading experiences with Recharge subscriptions capabilities. Benefits include flexibility with complex subscription models, automated experiences through the subscriber lifecycle, and robust reporting. We'll transfer existing subscribers, configure optimal subscription plans, and implement required functionality.

Win Back Customers

Account Reactivation

Encourage customer reactivation using two proven tactics. First, we can strategically style login pages and send customised reactivation emails to previous customers. Additionally, leverage Klayvioโ€™s cutting-edge tracking and triggers to maximise re-engagement opportunities with targeted messaging.

Boost Engagement

Klayvio Email Marketing

Upgrade your communication with customers post-migration by integrating Klayvioโ€™s email marketing platform. Benefits include automated workflows, advanced segmentation, superior deliverability and detailed analytics. We can help migrate existing data and establish critical activation flows.

Robust Data Transfer

Enhanced Data Migration

For stores with large data sets, upgrade to our enhanced migration service. Move over customers, orders, products whilst also transferring other pivotal data like coupons, collections or quickly evolving product catalogues requiring ongoing migration support.

Bespoke Store Styling

Custom Design Elements

Further customise the look, feel and functionality of your new store with our deep Shopify expertise. Our skilled team leverages advanced Liquid coding and custom CSS to bring unique design visions to life, going beyond standard theme capabilities.